Become A Volunteer


The Regroupement Soutien aux Aidants de Brome-Missisquoi works with volunteers to help achieve its mission, which is: to prevent and relieve caregiver fatigue; to make the population aware of the reality of caregivers; to promote the organization's services; to foster a sense of belonging among its members; and to offer services that are directly related to their needs.

Volunteering is participating in the well-being of our community by giving freely of your time. It is a gesture that also contributes to personal development.

For the BMCSG, volunteers represent an indispensable and invaluable human resource. They are an integral part of the organization and feel recognized assuch. The BMCSG encourages the creation and maintenance of a gratifying work climate for all those involved.

If you would like to become a volunteer, please contact Brigitte:

450 263-4236, ext. #2

A Place of Serenity, Respect, Mutual Aid and Love

"What can I say about volunteering? It has always been part of my life.

But for the past few years, it is at the Maison Gilles-Carle Brome-Missisquoi that I give my time, my attention and my heart. I give, but I receive much more.

I live only in the present moment, forgetting my worries and everything that is not part of this environment: a place of serenity, respect, mutual aid and love. I am happy when I leave this house, believing that I have made a difference and that I have allowed some people to have quality moments. I learn a lot from all the people Imeet there and it feels good to see the confidence in the eyes of those I help.

I hope to be able to devote many more hours to those who need it.

Thank you for welcoming me.”